Class of 2018
Nick Mrak - Commander
Jordan Anderson
Garrett Griffis
Jacob Locke
Jason Sartor
John Voss

Class of 2017
John Burton - Commander
GySgt David McBrayer
2nd LT Lee Dimaculangan
Brendan Gould
Peter Miller
Clay Tennis
Parker Zaitz

Class of 2016
Zach Williams - Commander
Bryan Bonnette
Naomi Boyer
Cole Dunson

Class of 2015
Tyler Toppenberg - Commander
Erik Zani - Clays Team Captain
John Lenderman
Sierra Martin

Class of 2014
Trent Kirkpatrick - Commander
Shelby Smith

Class of 2013
Matt Hawes - Commander
Jordan Walker - XO

"Its not the will to win that matters - everyone has that.
Its the will to prepare to win that matters."
- Paul Bear Bryant, Head Football Coach, Texas A&M 1954-57
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Head Coach:
Kevin Jimmerson '89
Seth Abbott '19
Military Advisor:
GySgt Parker
Kit Hoog '19
A-SQ Commander
Commander: Savannah Butters '19
Harlingen, TX

Savannah Butters is pursuing a degree in Business Management and a minor in Poultry Science. She is also a Platoon Officer for Company E-2. Savannah is a distinguished student and a well-respected leader amongst her peers and subordinates. Her command focuses on training an exemplary freshman class and developing all shooters personally, professionally, and competitively

Chris Hernandez '19
Wade Ledbetter '19
Samuel Slichter '19

Kyle Clayburne '19
Lorin Heller '19
Kyle Post '19
Tanner Wood '21
B-SQ Commander
Thomas Doering '20
Executive Officer
Brandon Kreikemeier '20
Klayton Bryan '21

Victor Flores '21

Zach Schroeder '21

Griffin Millette '21

Nathan Schwebel '19
PR Officer
Jarrod Romine '19
Delta Company
Colton Roach '21
First Sergeant
Bradley Reid '21

Ryan Milligan '21
A-SQ Gunnery Sgt
Garrett Fleming '21
Assistant Armorer
Cameron Criston '21
B-SQ Gunnery Sgt
Andrew Marko '20

Kyle Wofford '20

Grant Grabowski '20
Jake Gossett '20

Hannah Campbell '20

Executive Leadership
Action Shooting Team
Clays Team