shooting, with an emphasis on safe weapons handeling, the Scholastic Pistol Program hosts competitions for Collegiate shooters, all the way down to elementry aged students.

The primary SPP competitions the CCMU competes in consist of the Southwest Winter Regional Championship hosted at Texas A&M University, and the National Championship hosted at Ft. Benning Georgia.

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Focused on the fundamentals of fast and accurate handgun
SPP Competitions consist of four stages. Each stage is shot five times by each of the four team members. Competitor's slowest times are dropped on each stage.

Stages consist of five targets of varying sizes and distances from the shooter. Stage times will often vary depending on the difficulty and complexity of the stage.

The resulting times are summed up to get a total overall team time, the lowest winning the match.

Divisions include Centerfire, utilizing 9mm striker-fire handguns, and Rimfire with .22cal handguns.
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