Challenging both mentally and physically, 3-Gun, or Multi-Gun is often considered the ultimate shooting sport.

In a 3-Gun match a competitor must navigate through multiple stages of fire, engaging targets, and being scored on both speed and accuracy. Stages require competitors to switch between their various weapons - a rifle, shotgun, and handgun. Stages often require speed reloads, shooting on the move, weak-hand shooting, use of unfamiliar "pickup-guns" that may be placed throughout a stage, engaging moving targets, shooting in low-light situations, and carrying out any variety of tasks that may be included in the scenario. Additional noise, light, and elemental factors may be included to add to the high-stress situation and further enhance the challenge.
The CCMU competes in a variety of 3-Gun competitions annually.

Most notably:
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Military College Combat Shooting Championship:
Hosted by the US Army Marksmanship Unit, Ft. Benning, GA. This match is attended by the combat weapons teams from all four United States Service Academies and the six United States Senior Miliary Academies, including Texas A&M.

West of the Pecos Run & Gun in the Sun:
This 7-mile foot race up and down the rugged hills of south Texas requires competitors to carry all necessary firearms, optics, ammunition, hydration, and other needed items with them the entire distance. Rifle shots up to 500 yards and from contorted positions force shooters to control rapid heartbeats and heavy breathing, all the while cooking under the late summer Texas sun.

Texas State Carbine Championship:
Hosted by Texas Carbine Shooting Club in Corpus Christi, TX

Texas State 3-Gun Championship:
Marble Falls, TX